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Hi Everyone, please i have a little challenge, i am working on project to determine the most sustainble materials for roof, interior partiton and ceiling,in a building using openstudio for my analysis,( i did the model on revit) so after getting a paticular result for a construction set, i edited the constrcution set to change the material for roof but it has no effect on my energy- consuption result after runing the analysis again,(and what i needed is the changes in the result) i still got the same result, also i change material for interior partition their was no changes in the enegy result i dont know if i am doing something wrong,because according to my finding materials used also determine the sustainablity of a building. please i will appreciate your suggestion also please bear it in mind i am new to openstudio so please explain to me in a way that i will understand.

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Changing wall construction , depending on many other factors, may not change your results a lot - but it has to change them in some amount. If you have exactly the same, then you are using exactly the same input file. (so review the IDF files carefully using a file comparison tool)

Interior partitions often have even smaller impact on the model, since they aren't really experiencing a temperature differential or incident solar most of the time. Once again, review your IDF carefully.

ps, I'm open to assisting if you send those files along with an explanation of the building and it's operation

Jim Dirkes's avatar Jim Dirkes  ( 2022-01-19 05:50:25 -0500 )edit