Limit of Rated Condenser Inlet Water Temperature

asked 2022-01-17 04:32:35 -0600

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updated 2022-02-05 15:34:44 -0600

The Rated Condenser Inlet Water Temperature for the Coil:WaterHeating:AirToWaterHeatPump:Pumped object has to be more than 25°C (from Input Output Reference Guide, p. 1871: "Values must be greater than 25 °C. If this field is left blank, the default value is 57.5 °C"). Why this rule? I have a technical datasheet where the air-to-water heat pump (for SHW) is evaluated for water temperature between 10°C (entering, since it's coming from the municipal water-main) and 52,5°C (exiting). Best Regards

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