How can windows be controlled so that they allow buoyancy-driven cooling in a multi-level building?

asked 2021-12-22 18:07:47 -0600

updated 2021-12-23 10:04:50 -0600

Objective: Generate a dataset that demonstrates the dependencies between the amount that windows are open and changes in interior temperature due to buoyancy-driven cooling.

Method: (1) Construct a two-story (two thermal zones) shoebox model with windows on both the first and second stories, (2) vary the amount that either window is open over the course of the model period, and (3) track the dry-bulb temperatures in both thermal zones.

Question: Is there a building measure available to control the "ZoneVentilation:WindandStackOpenArea" parameter of a model? Alternatively, is there another good way to achieve the objective outlined above?

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