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Hello everyone

I am working with VRF right now, the specification is 1 outdoor unit and 4 indoor units (wall mounted type). based on Input/Output reference there are 2 ways to simulate the VRF system; HVACTemplate:System:VRF and AirConditioner:VariableRefrigerantFlow i choose the first one because it's so simple. but when comes to output it was too fluctuative. my question is

  1. is there any way to put the energy consumption from datasets I have into input of the EnergyPlus?
  2. is it possible to look out the superheat temperature as a output (since in the output reference there is no superheat temperature)

Thank you

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  • i am not using the AirConditioner:VariableRefrigerantFlow because the manufacturer doesn't provide the performances curves
RickyHsu's avatar RickyHsu  ( 2021-12-14 21:11:11 -0600 )edit