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Workflow Materials and Construction SketchUp and Open Studio

asked 2021-12-06 06:18:18 -0600

Mariha gravatar image

updated 2021-12-06 11:04:12 -0600

Hello, I am a beginner in E+ and Open Studio and I would like to assign my own wall structure to my building. All exterior walls, interior walls, floors and ceilings should have the same structure. In Open Studio I can set the Materials, Constructions and Constructionsets. Then in SketchUp, in the Model Inspector, I can select a ConstructionSet for each of my Spaces. When I then select individual walls or floors, the "Construction name" does not contain the corresponding construction that I have defined in the Constructionset. Do I then have to set the correct construction for each individual wall and for each individual floor?I feel like this is unnecessary and there is an easier way. I appreciate any help!

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answered 2021-12-07 19:14:57 -0600

You can set the construction set to the building, and then you don’t have to assign individual surface constructions. If you made a construction set but didn’t assign it to the building, a story, space type, or space, then you will still need to individually assign constructions to surfaces. Regarding what you see with the inspector in the SketchUp plugin, you may not see inherited instructions in the inspector field. In the OpenStudio Application inherited constructions show up as green and non-editable. One last note, in the render by construction in mode in the SketchUp Plugin, there are two stages to the button. When you first go to that render mode it renders both hard assigned and inherited constructions. When you click it a second time when that is already your active render model it only renders hard assigned constructions (I may have those two states of render by construction backwards).

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