Transcritical co2 system with refrigeration air chiller in refrigerated warehouses in energyplus

asked 2021-11-23 09:11:15 -0600

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updated 2021-11-24 12:10:13 -0600

My study case is refrigerated warehouses, the chosen system is co2 booster system with parallel compression, modeled in energyplus. To model this system I have used as reference the examples "refrigerated warehouse" and "Supermarket Transcritical CO2". But when simulating, the following message appears:

* Warning * GetRefrigerationInput:: Refrigeration: AirChiller = "EVAP 01 Camara 01" unused.

This happens with each evaporator in the system, and the refrigeration system does not work, it does not control the temperature, neither do the compressors work, but it does complete the annual simulation in other variables, for example the lighting power. I have checked the system variables, schedules and setpoints but I cannot find the error

What is the reason for this error? Can I combine the use of a transcritical co2 system with a refrigeration air chiller? I share my IDF file

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I haven't tried it myself but I don't see a reason why energyplus would not handle CO2 with airchillers. In your case a number of things could be wrong so sharing your file would probably be best for someone to answer. Moreover, I wanted to point out that according to this, energyplus does not support parallel compression

Petros Dalavouras's avatar Petros Dalavouras  ( 2021-11-24 02:47:31 -0600 )edit

Thanks, I have updated and shared the IDF file.

AlvaroCurinao's avatar AlvaroCurinao  ( 2021-11-24 12:12:00 -0600 )edit