Why is the result of Zone Relative Humidity (and also Absolute Humidity) from EnergyPlus much higher than measured data?

asked 2021-11-19 01:41:07 -0600

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updated 2021-11-19 08:24:29 -0600

I run simulation for validation of indoor room temperature, relative humidity as well as absolute humidity. The model room size is 5mx5m. The weather file is of Indonesian climate, so the outdoor temperature and relative humidity generally range between 25-35C and 60-100% respectively. The room has no occupant with window closed or open for 2 cases.

So the result of simulation in EnergyPlus is quite validated for the indoor room temperature with R2 of 0.93 and RMSE of 0.47 compared with the measured data of the room.

HOWEVER, as for the Relative Humidity, it doesn't match with the measured data well. The simulated result for case of closed-window is higher than the measured line (about 3-7% difference) with R2 of 0.90 and RMSE of 6.00, while the simulated result of open-window case is so much higher than the measured line (about 10% difference) with R2 of 0.73 and RMSE of 8.41. I also tried checking with absolute humidity, which also results higher than the measured data for both cases.

The simulated result seems to be higher since the starting point of the sizing period, so could there be something wrong with the simulation setting related to relative humidity (while it is already quite accurate for temperature)? Please guide me. Thanks in advance!

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