EnergyPlus Calculated Design Load - What variable does it come from?

asked 2021-11-18 16:58:46 -0500

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updated 2022-02-21 20:47:20 -0500


In the output tables for an EnergyPlus simulation, specifically the HVAC sizing summary, it specifies Calculated Design Loads [W] for both cooling and heating in every zone. What Output:Variable object does this value come from? My understanding is EP essentially locates the peak heating & cooling loads out of the hourly data for the DesignDay and assigns that to be the Calculated Design Load, but when I output the Output:Variable "Zone Predicted Sensible Load to Heating[or Cooling] Setpoint Heat Transfer Rate", the maximum values are slightly smaller than those Calculated Design Loads reported in the summary tables. Is this because EP sets the sizing to meet latent heat loads in addition to sensible?

For context, I'm trying to replicate a simpler version of the EP sizing algorithm in Python and apply it to some base loads for the building, but I need to get the appropriate hourly variable output first.

Thanks, Morgan

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