Chiller capacity input to EnergyPlus fmu

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Hi fellow e+ modelers,

I have following case to simulate:
Chiller and controller model in Modelica with n compressors and each compressor has m stages. During the load curtailment period the demand response control takes over part of the standard controls and switches the chiller compressors between stages optimally so that the load curtailment is achieved.

I have a EnergyPlus model with chiller plant and building. I would like to simulate the detailed chiller model with a building and plant model in EnergyPlus. Is there an object in EnergyPlus where I can feed the chiller capacity as an fmu input? (Please refer the high level schematic) I am looking for a plant object which can act as a dummy chiller whose capacity I can feed in externally. There is a similar object on air side called OtherEquipment using which sensible and latent load can be added to air loop. I wanted to check of there is similar object on plant side. I thought of using LoadProfile:Plant and expose Field: Load Schedule Name as an fmu input and feed in negative load schedule and a chiller capacity. However LoadProfile:Plant is a demand side object and (I guess) cannot replace the chiller.

The recently released Spawn interface in Buildings library can solve this problem but before exploring that option I wanted to check if I can achieve this using fmu of EnergyPlus model.
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