Why does the wind turbines have problems in meeting the demand?

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I have been trying to simulate some wind turbines like this one https://www.tesup.co.uk/product-page/... for a building. However, they produce 0 energy in the majority of the days. When I tried to simulate the example file "GeneratorwithWindTurbine.idf", it just produced energy in about 7% of the hours that have demand. After realizing that, I saw that the "Site Wind Speed" in m/s is an average of 3.23 in the results. Even when I rose the "Annual Local Average Wind Speed" in the "Generator:WindTurbine" to 10 m/s (in reality is about 5.3m/s), the value of the average in the results didn´t change. What do you recommend doing?

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Wind turbines have "cut-in" wind speeds below which no power is generated. Based on the link you provided, I believe the cut-in wind speed is 3 m/s. I have not used the wind turbine in EnergyPlus yet, but this here link https://bigladdersoftware.com/epx/docs/9-5/input-output-reference/group-electric-load-center-generator.html#generatorwindturbine does suggest that cut-in wind speed is a parameter. You may want to check what this is set at.

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