Number of surfaces in OSM and IDF files

asked 2021-10-03 18:09:48 -0500

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To whom it may concern,

I am modeling a one floor office building with five zones and a plenum in OpenStudio. I am relying on an IDF file in order to build up an OSM file by copying characteristics such as construction name, zone name and so forth. I realized that the IDF file has 12 wall surfaces (considering exterior and interior) in total. But, each space on the OpenStudio file has one exterior wall and 3 interior walls. It seems that the number of surfaces will be simplified once the OSM file is exported to IDF. Do I need to reduce the number once the IDF is created? Or is the reduction of the wall surfaces before exporting the OSM to IDF? Any comments will be highly appreciated!

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José Luis Bermúdez Alcocer, Ph.D.

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I would only expect the geometry in resulting IDF to be different from the OSM if you are combing multiple spaces into a single zone, fo example if you combined the 5 zones into one, which I wouldn't suggest. Also note that if your IDF is of a current version o OpenStudio you can import the geometry and constructions instead of recreating them. It also surprising me that a 6 zone (5 + plenum) just has 12 wall surfaces if you are counting interior and exterior. Typically If a core and perimeter zone model I would expect 4 walls per zone for 24 total walls.

David Goldwasser gravatar image David Goldwasser  ( 2021-10-03 23:49:28 -0500 )edit