Indirect evaporative cooler dry mode not working in Energyplus

asked 2021-09-24 07:07:08 -0600

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updated 2022-02-19 08:03:52 -0600

Has anyone tried to model an IEC (Indirect research special) in energyplus and notice if it works in the dry mode ever? As per my understanding when the Maximum wetbulb limit for secondary air stream is reached the evaporative effect of the IEC should stop working and it should work like a regular Heat exchanger. However I notice that when the limit for wetbulb reaches the IEC shuts off completely giving me "0" Total stage effectiveness where as I expected to see it work in the dry mode and still give me "0.3" effectiveness (which I had used as input for the Cooler Drybulb Effectiveness). The EVAPORATIVE COOLER OPERATING MODE SATUS shows weird statuses between 2 and 1, ideally it should show either "0" ie. - OFF, "1" i.e. DRY MODE or "2" i.e. WET MODE. These two outputs i.e. Evaporative cooler operating mode status and Total stage effectiveness dont make much sense when looked at together. I would appreciate support from someone who has previously worked on Indirect Evaporative Coolers in Energyplus and can guide me for a way around. Thanks

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