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Where to look for openstudio-standards.log?

asked 2021-09-22 17:44:06 -0600

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updated 2021-09-22 21:16:47 -0600

I'm attempting to use the NZEHVAC Whole Building Measure to model a heat pump in a DOE Prototype Building. However it fails and gives this error message.

[15:37:51.450948 ERROR] Unable to perform sizing run for hvac system DOAS with fan coil chiller with central air source heat pump for this model. Check the openstudio-standards.log in this measure for more details

Where would I look for this log for the measure?

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-09-23 16:43:38 -0600

updated 2021-09-23 16:44:22 -0600

Ok, bear with me because by default those logs are hidden pretty bad.

I am assuming you are running Windows, in which case it will be in you App Data TEMP folder in C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Temp\. The log is deleted if you exit the interface in OpenStudio. So:

  1. Run the measure, it is going to show the error, do not exit the Apply Measure Now window. image description
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\luisc\AppData\Local\Temp.
  3. In the file explorer, search for a file called openstudio-standards.log
  4. You should find it.

The file is going to be in a directory named something like osmodel-1632432699-1\ApplyMeasureNow\run\000_83e77929-f391-407a-8aef-20994f5b7e37, and the other simulation files will be there.

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Asked: 2021-09-22 17:44:06 -0600

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