Indirect Evaporative cooling- Mode status output not getting reported

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Hello all, Im trying to simulate an Indirect evaporative cooler (IEC research special) in Energyplus. The system uses relief air as secodary air stream to the IEC. It also has a control for Wet mode operation set. The results of the simulation however indicate that the Dry mode never operates and the IEC always works in wet mode or shuts off (no temp difference between primary air stream and the air after the IEC - which means no heat exchanged happened). Now I wish to see the output -EVAPORATIVE COOLER OPERATING MODE SATUS. When I switch this on in OpenStudio (1.2) there is a fatal error as below:- "* Severe * Invalid Output:Variable or Output:Meter Name =EVAPORATIVE COOLER OPERATING MODE SATUS * ~~~ * Entered in EnergyManagementSystem:Sensor=ENERGY_MANAGEMENT_SYSTEM_SENSOR_2 * ~~~ * Output:Variable Name not found * Fatal * Errors found in processing Energy Management System input. Preceding condition causes termination."

However Openstudio (1.2) doesnt allow to set the evaporative mode temperature limits so may this leads to an error. What im more concerned is that even after editing the IDF in Energyplus (9.5) adding the limits the output doesnt get reported and I get the following warning message:- " * Warning * The following Report Variables were requested but not generated -- check.rdd file * ~~~ * Either the IDF did not contain these elements, the variable name is misspelled, * ~~~ * or the requested variable is an advanced output which requires Output : Diagnostics, DisplayAdvancedReportVariables; *** Key=*, VarName=EVAPORATIVE COOLER OPERATING MODE SATUS, Frequency=Hourly"

Ive checked the Output variable name but it seems to be OK.

The sample file of Indirect evaporative cooler in Energy plus gets this output reported but it always shows 0. Also the fan flow rate of secondary air shows 0 mass flow.

Does anyone have a clue of what seems to be wrong??

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Also one more thing I wanted to add was that I did switch on Output : Diagnostics, DisplayAdvancedReportVariables.

AnmolMathur's avatar AnmolMathur  ( 2021-09-18 00:25:58 -0500 )edit