HDD vs Setpoint Schedules in simulation

asked 2021-09-14 17:54:36 -0500

Kaue Queiroz gravatar image

Hello there,

I'm starting out in the modelling world and I have question about something that is most likely very basic for most of you guys.

If you can set the HDD at a very early stage in the model and it is used to calculate space heating energy consumption, I don't understand how the HDD is taken into account in the simulation process if changing a zone set-point also affects the energy use.

What I mean by that is that a zone has a set-point of 15 degrees Celsius during the day and 22 degrees at night, won't match the 'base temperature' used to calculate the HDD that is most likely a steady year-around set-point (i.e. 20 degrees Celsius). So, how is the HDD taken into account in the simulation compared to the indoor setpoints?

Thanks in advance,


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