Gap Temperature for AirflowControl Window

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Hello Everybody!

I am trying to model a building with Airflow Windows, using E+ v9.3.

I use "Windows Airflow" to model my facade. There is 40m³/h circulating in the air gap between the exterior double glazing and the interior single glazing. The mechanical ventilation rate of the zone is equal to the rate that passes through airflow windows. AirflowSource = IndoorAir and AirflowDestination = ReturnAir.

image description

I indicated the node directly at the exit of my Thermal zone as the air return node in the ventilation system.

image description

When I look at the temperature of this node, I am surprised at what I observe in Summer. I expected the temperatures to be quite high, especially in the summer. But whatever the facade, I rarely exceed 30°C... (East facade for example) image description

I am also surprised with the evolution of temperatures. For example on July 21, in the afternoon, the outside air temperature and the thermal zone temperature are higher than the returnAir Node Temperature... which is not the expected behavior.

image description

I would like to check what is really going on in the double skin. Therefore, is it possible to output a variable which takes the gap out temperature:

image description

Any other suggestion?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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