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Hi, I'm loosing hope. I need to perform a daylighting analysis for a BREEAM certification (an illuminance assessment on the working plane), and I've never done one before. I've used E+ for energy simulation for some years now, and decided to transition to OpenStudio specifically for the Radiance Measure. I'm using OpenStudio (OSM) Application 1.1.0 and SketchUp Pro 2020 with the OSM plug-in. Since encountering errors running OSM, I've installed the latest Strawberry Perl (Windows PC here), erased the Radiance (5.0.a.12.) software folder inside the OSM App and replaced it with the latest available in Github (still a pre-release), and created my own custom Radiance Measure with the latest files from Github (to use instead of the old BCL one).

I have a 10 stories building (pic below), and I've created an Illuminance Map for only one Thermal Zone (TZ) in one of them as a starter; the TZ is approximately H-shaped. I've found here that E+/OSM can only deal with rectangular Illuminance Maps, and Radiance can only deal with 1 Illum Map per TZ - so, I'll probably have to run multiple sims with tweeks on the SketchUp's Illum Maps... I had assigned the TZs to the Spaces (1 per 1) previously, and when creating the Illum Map it automatically got assigned to the correct TZ. I don't have any Shading System/Control. I don't need a Daylighting Control Point, but I've tried with one to see if it was mandatory - the errors persisted. I've offsetted the Map from the walls - the errors persisted.

On the OSM App:

  • I didn't request any Output Variables (but I've tried requesting the Point Illuminance just for kicks, still didn't run);
  • on Simulation Settings, I've defined the Radiance Parameters as Fine, on Simulation Control I've defined the Solar Distribution as "Full interior and exterior with reflections";

  • on Measures: I've defined my customized Radiance Measure with only the Debug Mode ON, and depending on the Radiance (speed) Setting I define here, I get 2 different errors:

    --> If I define as "Testing" or "High", I get:

Applying RadianceMeasure

Result: Fail

Error: SqlFile C:/Users/UTILIZ~1/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1629300128-2/resources/run/000_updated_radiance_daylighting_measure 1 1 1 1 1/radiance/sql/eplusout.sql connection is not open

--> If I define as "Model", I get:

Applying RadianceMeasure

Result: Fail

Error: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - C:/Users/UTILIZ~1/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1629300128-2/resources/run/000_updated_radiance_daylighting_measure 1 1 1 1 1/radiance/options/treg.opt

I've browsed Unmet Hours, changed settings, at this point the only thing I haven't tried is reinstalling the OSM App.

ALSO, I just now tried to erase and recreate the Illum Map on SketchUp: the measurements of the new one are negative and/or with a negative exponential (so extreeeeemely small, and it's supposed to be approximately 14*17m); tried it also ... (more)

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Do you have access to Rhino? I haven't used the Radiance measure for a very long time but if you have a license of Rhino or can use the trial version you can set-up and run the daylight study using the Pollination Rhino plugin. I could load your model and quickly fix it but I wasn't sure what daylight metrics are desired for your workflow. Do you need annual metrics or point-in-time studies?

Mostapha Roudsari's avatar Mostapha Roudsari  ( 2021-08-18 13:27:45 -0500 )edit

While waiting for you I just gave it a try and imported the osm file in Rhino and ran a test daylight factor simulation. Here is the run and here is how the results look like.

Mostapha Roudsari's avatar Mostapha Roudsari  ( 2021-08-18 14:21:37 -0500 )edit

@Mostapha Roudsari, thank you very much! I don't have access to Rhino, I read there's a 90 days-free trial which may be manageable for now, thank you. I only need annual/hourly metrics, i.e., the number of hours over a minimum threshold of: average illuminance (averaged over entire space) & minimum point illuminance (at worst lit point) - the last one I was still going to decide how to assess based on the Radiance outputs I would get from the Illum Map. Thank you very much for running it on Rhino! Even though it's for the daylight factor, it already gives me an idea of what I'm dealing with :)

Mafalda Correia's avatar Mafalda Correia  ( 2021-08-19 06:12:04 -0500 )edit

On another note (and I don't wish to sound ungrateful): @rpg777 and @David Goldwasser, is there a way to fix my errors and still use Radiance on OSM App, please?

Mafalda Correia's avatar Mafalda Correia  ( 2021-08-19 06:18:19 -0500 )edit

Hi @Mafalda Correia! Now that I exported the model you don't need Rhino anymore. You can run the annual study yourself on Pollination from the web interface. See here or here. If you point me to the weather file that you want to use I can run it for you and point you to the results folder while waiting for the fix. I will also need the requirements for grid size.

Mostapha Roudsari's avatar Mostapha Roudsari  ( 2021-08-19 08:41:30 -0500 )edit