From where can we get the optical parameters of semi-transparent photovoltaic given in the Sandia database by NREL?

asked 2021-08-12 14:50:11 -0600

I have modeled semi-transparent photovoltaic(STPV) into the glazing of a model to get the energy generation from the STPV. In EnergyPlus, Generator: Photovoltaic is of three types-

  1. Simple
  2. One-diode
  3. Sandia

To get the accurate measurement of generation from the STPV, I've used the Sandia model using the NREL Sandia Database. The issue is I can't find the optical parameter of the given PV mentioned in the database and the one which we have for that we don't have the Sandia parameters. So is there any database that contains the optical parameters of the Photovoltaics given in the NREL database?

If there isn't an optical database just like the Sandia database, can we use the PV optical properties provided by the company with the Sandia database parameters of PV which has a power output close to the one which we have? For example, I have a CdTe thin-film PV with a power output of 40W, so can I use any CdTe PV given in the Sandia database having the same power output?

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