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resstock ashp capacity coefficients are all the same?

asked 2021-08-06 14:48:38 -0600

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updated 2021-08-06 17:17:12 -0600

I am using resstock to generate building .idfs using air source heat pumps, but the idf's seem to all have the same capacity biquadratic curve coefficients. I've traced it down to resstock's source code, where it seems like they hard-code in capacity and EIR coefficients for all single stage heat pumps, regardless of efficiency or SEER.

Is there any way to get Resstock to generate capacity coefficients that match the sampled ASHP efficiency? Follow-up question, where can I find sample coefficients based on SEER/HSPF/Capacity?

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answered 2021-08-07 09:29:04 -0600

Most EnergyPlus performance curves are normalized. So the capacity and efficiency (COP) values will change based on SEER/HSPF/capacity, but the curves remain the same.

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Ah I see, thanks. So these curves are multiplied by the "Gross Rated Heating Capacity/COP" that are determined by the autosizing algorithm and the sampled efficiency?

zel3's avatar zel3  ( 2021-08-07 09:48:33 -0600 )edit

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