Abnormal Heating Load

asked 2021-07-14 07:23:40 -0500

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updated 2021-07-18 14:13:15 -0500

image description This is the only Severe problem in eplusout. image description

The location is Tokyo and I'm pretty sure that in Tokyo there will be no need of heating in June. And the annual energy for heating is twice of the energy used for cooling, which is opposite to human sense. I didn't decided any specific HVAC system and simply used Ideal Air Load. And it's a 13-story building which means that the earth temperature might not influence a lot.

Can anyone tell me some possible reasons for this situation?

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Is the only severe you are getting related to DetermineShadowingCombinations. I don't see how that would relate to unrealistically large heating energy during the heating season. Do you have an ideal air loads zonal unit in every thermal zone in the building on all floors?

sashadf1's avatar sashadf1  ( 2021-07-14 15:20:32 -0500 )edit

Yes, ideal air load is applied to all zones.

shmily_world's avatar shmily_world  ( 2021-07-14 19:05:27 -0500 )edit