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Modern perspective: The present day view of office believes office as an administrative activity rather than the actual place where work is carried out. In accordance with this view, any location can be considered an office, assuming the administrative tasks like executive and frivolous activities perform well. As a result, even though there's no business being ran in a workplace location, an office can nevertheless be called a workplace. The operational requirements of a specific office may nevertheless be classified as part of its managerial or administrative responsibilities.

The majority of the public office buildings have been categorized under the category of general offices. But, private offices are also categorized as such. In fact, a lot of the large businesses in the west India have their own office space as contrary to the reception area along with other worker hallways. In any case, there are some important government offices that are located in impressive office buildings.

The fundamental purpose for which such offices are used is, of course, for official in addition to clerical purposes. With the rapid evolution of information technology, every kind of business is moving into the automatic world. Hence, there are many types of workplace spaces from the computerized world

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