I have difficulties understanding thermal comfort indices. What is the difference between TSV and PMV?

asked 2021-07-03 06:09:09 -0500

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updated 2021-07-09 16:32:32 -0500

  1. Do TSV (Thermal sensation vote) and PMV (predicted mean vote) have the same meaning?
  2. In Pierce two node comfort model, there are four parameters that is PMV SET, PMV ET, TSENS and DISC as reported in EnergyPlus documentation. What are their differences and where can I find the acceptable range (comfort range) for these four parameters?
  3. In KSU two-node model, the comfort index is TSV. Is it an equivalent of PMV? I would be really grateful if you could help me. I read E+ documentation and several articles but I still have difficulties understanding them.
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