OpenStudio - Thermostat Controls without using EMS

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Hello. I am modelling a house that has 2 HVAC loops, one for gas furnace heating and another for whole house fan cooling. The gas furnace operates when the zone temp is under 69 deg while the fan operates when the zone temp is above 78 deg. The fan pulls in outside air so it is not guaranteed to meet the cooling setpoint all the time. I applied the 2 HVAC loops along with cooling and heating setpoints in the Thermal Zones tab, but it looks like the two systems are intertwined.

I found this post here ( that shows how to use EMS for thermostat controls. The diagram in Ivan Korolija's answer (which is copied below) is exactly what I want to replicate in my OpenStudio file. Is there any way to replicate these thermostat controls without using EMS?

Thank you!

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