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I am modeling a building in design builder. I have trouble with schedules which are not working. There are 2 particular schedule types that are not working. Which are thermostat setpoint schedules and radiant surface water temperatures.

First the thermostat temperature. For heating I set schedule to 21°C during day, and 19°C during night. I made the schedule in both: detailed HVAC --> Zone group --> zone --> edit HVAC zone. (see picture below) vimage description

And in Activity --> enviromental control (see picture below) image description

However, The heating setpoint always stays at 21°C, because I can see the heating kick in if below 21°C during nights. For some other rooms (such as storage rooms), I set the normal heating setpoint to 15°C. However, I can see that the heating in those rooms also turn on at 21°C.

The second schedule type that is not working, is of the radiant surface water temperatures. For heating, I want it between 30°C and 35°C image description.

However, In the simulation data, I see that it is constantly at 50°C (which is the heat pump supply temperature)

Does anybody see what I am doing wrong with the schedules?

Thank you.

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