Suction group discharge to suction circuit

asked 2021-06-07 15:52:24 -0500

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When modeling a refrigeration system in DOE-2.2r or eQUEST Refrigeration, can you discharge from a suction group to a suction type circuit, rather than a discharge type circuit? You might want to do this for example, if the downstream gas feeds into a desuperheater rather than a condenser, which only a suction type circuit can do.

Why ask this question?

The volume 2r dictionary states that SUCTION-GROUP:DISCHARGE-CIRCUIT keyword connects the suction group to a "DISCHARGE refrigeration circuit to which the compressors in this group discharge." The word "DISCHARGE" looks like it refers to the REFG-CIRCUIT:TYPE symbol DISCHARGE, implying that the discharge circuit must be of that type.

But in the eQUEST dialog for the suction group, the drop-down choice for the discharge circuit includes all the suction type circuits, and the simulation emits no warning due to the connection to a suction circuit. So I am really asking whether the dictionary should read "discharge circuit (of DISCHARGE or SUCTION TYPE)".

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