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Is OpenStudio supposed to replace EP-Launch 3 for using EnergyPlus?

asked 2021-05-04 08:30:09 -0500

Hi, I'm new to EnergyPlus and BEM, and I am hoping to use EP for assessing potential building/home energy upgrades. I guess that OpenStudio (with OpenStudio Application) can do alot more than EP-Launch 3. I will probably spend a lot of time learning how to use one or the other and I'm trying to figure out which to focus on. I'd be very grateful for any guidance. Kind regards, Paul

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3 Answers

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answered 2021-05-05 07:57:13 -0500

Craig Simmons gravatar image

OpenStudio does not "replace" anything in EnergyPlus per se. OpenStudio and the Application specifically are separate software tools that leverage EnergyPlus to run simulations. If you're just trying out BEM for the first time, EnergyPlus directly is a pretty tall order since it's text based and requires a lot of manual connections between objects.

The OpenStudio Application is more user friendly but still has a bit of a learning curve. Documentation can be found here. If you are working on single family residential you may even want to try something like BEopt initially. It is no longer supported, but it's free and does a good job for small residential models.

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answered 2021-05-05 14:07:27 -0500

EP-Launch is to the OpenStudio App as a PDF viewer is to a PowerPoint slide deck.

EP-Launch is not intended to build models, although you can make edits to a model with the .idf editor in EP-Launch. You generally need some other software tool to build the model. The OpenStudio App is one such option. There are many other EnergyPlus interfaces that can generate an .idf that you can run with EP-Launch, just as there are many softwares that can make .pdf files.

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answered 2021-05-05 06:00:25 -0500

gianfra gravatar image

Hi, I'm currently an OpenStudio user. It is much more user-friendly than EP-Launch, however, it doesn't have the same modeling capability. Since I'm not a good measure writer (yet, hopefully) when I need to model something that OpenStudio does not provide I switch to modify the .idf file (manually or via EP-Launch). I would suggest spending your time on OpenStudio, then with a bit of practice, you could start learning how to write measure, and automate your work. Sometimes, I launch the energyplus .idf by Matlab to simulate multiple building configurations. This is my experience, I'm curious to see other more experienced users how approached BEM.

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