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Hello everyone,

I am trying to integrate Ice Thermal Storage upstream from a water-cooled chiller. I have set the operation type of the CHW Loop as thermal energy storage. I am having an issue related to the chiller schedule. The chillers still only seem to be operating during the on-peak times rather than charging the storage overnight. I am unable to attach screenshots so I have written the details below. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

CHW Plant loop availability schedule: On 24/7

Operation Type: Thermal energy storage Operation Schedule: On 24/7 Storage on-peak schedule: 7:00 - 18:00 Charging availability schedule: 19:00 - 7:00

Priority Ice storage: 1 Chiller: 2

**HVAC Zone

Thermostat cooling SPSB schedule: Schedule:Compact, CoolingSPSBTemp, Temperature, Through: 31 Dec, For: Weekdays SummerDesignDay, Until: 06:00, 32, Until: 18:00, 23, Until: 24:00, 32, For: Weekends, Until: 24:00, 32, For: AllOtherDays, Until: 24:00, 32 ;

Thanks in advance Regards, John

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