SetpointManager override after "AfterPredictorAfterHVACManagers"

asked 2021-04-30 02:23:33 -0500

Hi all,

I am looking at using the EnergyPlus Python API to control the simulation of a model (to record variables and adjust set points). I have been using this paper as a reference (it does not use the Python API, but is achieving that same thing).

In this paper, even though the actuators are set at the calling point “AfterPredictorAfterHVACManagers”, the paper also deletes the existing SetpointManager in the model (section 3.3). I found this somewhat surprising, as the EMSApplicationGuideline say the following about “AfterPredictorAfterHVACManagers” (section 6.8);

"if there are conflicts, SetpointManager or AvailabilityManager actions may be overwritten by EMS control actions"

In my own experiments I was also unsuccessful in changing the system until I deleted the SetPointManager (I have attached specifics of the Model and nodes I am interacting with in the appendix). While the value of the "Temperature Setpoint" at the "CW SUPPLY OUTLET NODE" node appears to be successfully updated, the "Plant Supply Side Outlet Temperature" is that specified by the SetpointManager.

I would like to know if is it expected, even though the documentation appears to suggest that any SetpointManager would be overwritten if using the calling point.

Thanks for your help,



  • Model: 5ZoneAirCooled.idf (as found in the EnergyPlus > ExampleFiles)
  • Variable: variable_key: "Chilled Water Loop", variable_name: 'Plant Supply Side Outlet Temperature"
  • Actuator: actuator_key: 'CW SUPPLY OUTLET NODE", component_type: "System Node Setpoint", control_type: 'Temperature Setpoint"
  • EMS Calling point: AfterPredictorAfterHVACManagers
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