cold-climate heat pump curves

asked 2021-04-27 14:55:02 -0500

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Does anyone have a good source for generic cold climate heat pump performance curves?

I've used the curve fit tool in conjunction with manufacturer data but it is proving difficult to find flow based performance data for ductless spit HPs.

Barring any good sources for generic cold climate curves, I'm thinking I'll just use manufacturer data and the curve fit tool to develop capacity and EIR as a function of outdoor air temperature curves and then use the generic flow based heat pump curves from the prototypes.

How worried should I be mixing and matching sources like this? It seems to me that only the curves that are a function of OA temperature would be significantly different between "cold climate" and "standard" heat pumps.


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Not a definitive answer - just hints. CanmetEnergy (Varennes) are quite active on ccASHP (including ductless). This eSim paper might be of interest. TRNSYS-focused, but some efforts are underway under the BTAP umbrella (githubbed?). Noticed NREL efforts on the topic as well.

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2021-04-29 07:26:38 -0500 )edit