Draw Void as Exterior Opening and Define Empty Building

asked 2021-04-04 07:49:11 -0500

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Hi, my name is Bagus Fajar Novianto. I studied at Brawijaya University with architecture majoring. My current thesis now are about bioclimatic housing and studying it from a vernacular housing. One of my thesis method are using building simulation to create a new alternative bioclimatic design based from my research. For example using some element like roof ventilation, using low thermal mass material etc. The problem is Im not quite familiar with openstudio. So now I want to ask some question:

  1. I know I can define a void opening or glassless window with infiltration effective leakage area. But, I feel confuse because this leakage doesnt define its location. I think its suposed to appear in my model like window as a sub surface so I can arrange its location and its orientation. For example putting it on north side or east side etc. Also how to make this leakage are open for 24 hours? Im not understand enough with how schedule here works in openstudio

  2. How I can define an empty building with no occupant in openstudio? Since the house I studied are abandoned by its owner.

Thats all, sorry for my bad english..

*I attached link for the image of the house so you can understand what kind of model I want to create. as you can see this house are not using any glazed window. Just some void opening, and from what I know I cant create a this kind of opening in openstudio. link text

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