HVAC autosizing using my schedule or summer/winter design days

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Hi team,

Good day.

In the "weather file and design days" tab, I have selected some design days for my site location in which 4 files are placed as "summer design day" in the day type and 3 files are placed as "winter design day".

In the schedules tab, I have defined the following schedule having a run profile with default, priority 1, and priority 2.

image description

For the same schedule, I have the built in summer and winter design days profiles as below:

image description image description

I have done my HVAC system and I am using auto-sizing for some equipment.

For my case with the imported design days I have, I don't understand, is open-studio using for the HVAC my schedule or the summer/winter design day one ? This really makes a difference with several schedules defined. If it is using the summer/winter design day, how can I modify it to be like what I want ? I am not able to do that.

Thanks team !!

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Hello team, Hope to get any feedback from you here. Thanks.

Ahmad's avatar Ahmad  ( 2021-04-08 16:00:15 -0500 )edit