Modeling CO2 Generation Sys - Indoor Farm

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I am trying to perform simulations to investigate indoor vertical farms (controlled environment agriculture) for a research project. For this, I will need to model a number of elements unique to these building types that I have not found elsewhere or supplied by E+ (not surprised, as they are very niche)

Currently, I am trying to understand how I can model a controllable CO2 generation system to increase the internal CO2 ppm for the plants. This is typically done by controlled release of a CO2 tank, or burning a fuel to create CO2+heat+water. I would like to model the latter, though more challenging.

I am still very new to E+, but am steadily figuring it out (I think). I am currently looking into EMS and the Python API to do this. (I am also trying to implement custom control at sub-hourly timesteps for this and other actuators within the simulation). I suspect control for fuel-burning CO2 generation system would take in current internal PPM measurements and internal airflow, and then output some amount of mass/volumetric/heat flow of the CO2, water vapor, and heat produced. The model of the generation system does not need to be perfect, just at least approximate and working.

Is this possible? And am I looking into the right documents to do this (EMS)?

Thank you!

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