How to model DHW pipe insulation in E+

asked 2021-03-31 06:52:28 -0500

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updated 2021-04-01 02:48:07 -0500

Hi all,

I'm trying to model DHW pipe insulation in the IECC 2006 PNNL prototype model SF+ elecres + crawlspace in version 9.4. Using the IDF editor to model. How to model pipe insulation?

I tried these steps:

  1. Created a new object called "Pipe Insulation" in Class: Material and used it as an additional layer in object :Pipe, under Class: Construction.

  2. Created new objects in Class: Pipe:Indoor for "DHW Supply Outlet Pipe_unit1" & "DHW Demand Inlet Pipe_unit1" assuming the pipe diameter as .75 inch and length as 6 feet. Deleted the same objects from Pipe:Adiabatic.

  3. Edited Class: Branch. Changed component object type 1 from Pipe:Adiabatic to pipe:Indoor for Objects "DHW Supply Outlet Branch_unit1" & "DHW Demand Inlet Branch_unit1" , as I am trying to give insulated pipe for DHW outlet.

Is this the correct way to vary the pipe insulation for DHW? Why am I seeing variation in heating and cooling energy consumption? I would appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance

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That sounds like the correct way yes. I don't know if you tried to put images but it didn't work (I think it's because you didn't have enough Karma, now it should work as from memory 20 karma is needed for images) Seeing a variation is heating/cooling energy consumption is expected.

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2021-04-01 02:48:45 -0500 )edit