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Annual Summary not loading

asked 2021-03-01 12:50:58 -0500

TheEnergyTutor's avatar

updated 2021-03-23 10:44:56 -0500

I am having this same issue as:

But I can't add pictures to that thread. I'm including the rest of the error message and the version i am using.

image description

image description

Everything else looks fine.

Initial Condition: Gathering data from EnergyPlus SQL file and OSM model. Will report in IP Units Final Condition: Generated report with 20 sections to ./report.html. Warn: Annual Overview section failed and was skipped because: Optional not initialized. Detail on error follows. Warn: C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/measure.rb:278:in eval' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:540:inblock in output_data_end_use_table' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:530:in each' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:530:inoutput_data_end_use_table' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:258:in annual_overview_section' (eval):1:inblock in run' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/measure.rb:278:in eval' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/measure.rb:278:inblock in run' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/measure.rb:274:in each' C:/Users/Steve/AppData/Local/Temp/osmodel-1614617690-0/resources/measures/OpenStudioResults 1/measure.rb:274:inrun' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:519:in apply_measure' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:114:inblock in apply_measures' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:67:in each_index' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:67:inapply_measures' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_reporting_measures.rb:119:in perform' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:292:instep' :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.1.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:234:in run' :/openstudio_cli.rb:971:inexecute' :/openstudio_cli.rb:761:in execute' :/openstudio_cli.rb:1755:in<main>' eval:175:in eval' eval:175:inrequire_embedded_absolute' eval:160:in block in require_embedded' eval:154:ineach' eval:154:in require_embedded' eval:113:inrequire' eval:3:in `<main>'

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-03-23 11:52:54 -0500

updated 2021-03-24 09:18:48 -0500

@TheEnergyTutor I just updated the BCL copy of the report from our GitHub repository. If you still see this issue with that copy can you share the model. When you launch the OpenStudio Application it should update your locally copy but if it doest this post describes deleting your BCL directory or using the GitHub repository.

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So it did not update automatically so I went components and measures and updated the measure manually. This did not work. I tried re-synchronize on the run dialog screen. Then i read the linked post and renamed c:/users/user/BLC to BLC_OLD. Then tried again. This did not work. Then it says I need a BCL_KEY because mine is invalid which i don't know so it sends me to a dead link :

I'm stuck.

TheEnergyTutor's avatar TheEnergyTutor  ( 2021-03-24 09:50:41 -0500 )edit

@TheEnergyTutor, if you go to and login and go to My Dashboard you should see your key on the left after API v1.1 key: Also if you want to share your model I can test it.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2021-03-24 10:27:25 -0500 )edit

I tried to log in but don't know my password and tried to recover password, but it did not send an email. So I created a new account and it also did not send an email. I think there is something wrong with that website.

TheEnergyTutor's avatar TheEnergyTutor  ( 2021-03-24 12:43:49 -0500 )edit

Ok after getting a new account and downloading the measure, it works now

TheEnergyTutor's avatar TheEnergyTutor  ( 2021-03-25 07:39:31 -0500 )edit

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