cooling loop to hot with heat exchanger fluid to fluid

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I am a student working on my thesis, I must evaluated the robustness of a building with OS (using 2.7.0) The system is a ground heat exchanger with a heat pump (floor heating) and floor cooling with flow to flow heat exchanger.

I have the following problem the water in the floor cooling loop exits his upper limit. I run my simulation with a maximum water flow of 0.00038m^3/s. image description

I also get the error that there is condensation in my floors. (I think this is because of the error in the floor cooling loop) image description

If I run my weather file from April to October. I get the errors mentioned above but, if I run for a whole year then I get the following error. That the temperatures of glycol gets to low. image description

some one knows how to solve it? you can find the file here and also the used weatherfile. this how the system is modelled image description image description image description

best suggestion already found but didn't give a solution

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