Can I vary the wattage of a baseboard heater electric using an external variable from simulink?

asked 2021-02-25 12:57:11 -0600

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I am doing a project in university and need some help. I have never used openstudio, energyplus before so I am just getting to grips with them. As part of my project I must place a basic heat source in a basic room. I have done this with a baseboard electric heater and have put it operating using a schedule that heats at 0 degrees C and cools at 100 degrees C so it is effectively constantly on. I have done all this so far using Openstudio. For my project I will need to vary the wattage of the baseboard electric heater, which is currently hard sized at 2000w. I was hoping to do this using Simulink energy plus co-simulation tool. Can I vary the wattage of the baseboard heater using a variable or actuator. If I autosize it can i vary the design heating capacity then? As I said I'm very new to this, so ever small hurdle is turning out to be big hurdle and I'm getting very bogged down in it. The idea with Simulink is I design a controller in simulink that varies the wattage of the baseboard electric heater per each timestep and i can view the zone mean air temperature as an output. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Ross

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