LEEDv4 non-predominate system selection residential

asked 2021-02-18 09:08:26 -0500

LEEDv4 / ASHRAE 901.-2010 Appendix G model. Seeking some input on system selection while working my way through exception and conditions. Project is all electric, 18 story high rise residential building (300k SF total), climate 3A. Table G3.1.1A predominant system type is residential PTHP. Project also has ~50kSF commercial retail spaces spread across 3 non-contiguous floors (levels 1,2,6). Per G3.1.1 Exception A these area should have a different system type for the non-predominate commercial space since this excess of 20,000 SF.

Per Table G3.1.11A do theses become System 6 or system 8? I can see either one. The non-predominant floors are on less than 5 floors and between 25k-150k SF = System 6. The Building is >5floors = System 8.

When under the 'non-predominant' G3.1.1 Exception A, is still the building area/floors which matter or the areas specific to the non-predominant condition?

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