floor cooling and floor heating with borehole

asked 2021-02-15 15:11:51 -0500

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updated 2021-04-07 13:08:15 -0500

I am a master student working on my thesis. I am modelling a building in OS 2.7.0

You can find my OS model and a picture of the system at following link(https://we.tl/t-sEF0x4SjAc). I have implemented a vertical borehole with a heat pump (heating) and heat exchanger (cooling).

I am working trying to implement my plant loop but I am still getting warning errors.

*************  ** Warning ** Plant loop exceeding upper temperature limit, PlantLoop="GEOTHERMISCHE WARMTEWISSELAAR KOELING-DEEL 2"
   *************  **   ~~~   **   This error occurred 61957 total times;
   *************  **   ~~~   **   during Warmup 22873 times;
   *************  **   ~~~   **   during Sizing 0 times.
   *************  **   ~~~   **   Max=46.731946

A water temperature of 46°C for floorcooling is to much it should be around 20°C. Are there suggestions to improve my plant model? To solve this problem? ( I cannot place pictures in my question level to low)

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