heating capacity offset not 0, ResStock v2.2.4

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Hi all,

I am using ResStock v2.2.4, EnergyPlus v9.2, and OS v2.9.0.

I am trying to represent the Daikin 3MXL 3-port 2-ton rated heat pump in Maine.

On Daikin's submittal sheet, the rated cooling capacity equals the rated heating capacity:

image description

I specified in hvac_sizing.rb that the heating capacity offset should be zero: image description

However, in the ResStock output, the heating capacity clearly does not equal the cooling capacity:

image description

Any ideas why this is happening?

In options_lookup tsv, I have created a new row entry for the 3MXL and designated the following fields:

  1. heat_pump_capacity=2
  2. heating_capacity_offset=0
  3. min_cooling_capacity=0.44, max_cooling_capacity=1.25
  4. min_heating_capacity=0.33, max_heating_capacity=1.71
  5. supplemental_capacity=autosize

Either way, I am getting really large heating unmet hours for this equipment because some houses simulated probably require greater total capacity than 2-tons, so it is possible I should just scrap this equipment entirely and rely on ResStock's default equipment.

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Similar thing happened trying to model Daikin 4MXL

sashadf1 gravatar image sashadf1  ( 2021-02-01 05:52:43 -0500 )edit