Control ERV flow rates using DesignSpecification?

asked 2021-01-26 20:00:48 -0500

Ed May gravatar image

updated 2021-01-27 16:53:12 -0500

Hi all,

I am wondering if I can control a simple ZoneHVAC:EnergyRecoveryVentilator using an DesignSpecification:OutdoorAir ?

I was trying to apply a simple residential PTHP + ERV to my thermal zones in OpenStudio: image description

I first set up the PTHP to work properly and used a space-type level OutdoorAir flow-rate to set the OA flows through those units globally: image description

That worked (I think) and I seemed to be getting good results. I then added the ERV and noticed that now the OA flows were changed substantially. I notice that the ERV unit has its own flow-rate inputs at the unit-level? image description

I there a way to tell these ERVs to ignore these unit-level flow-rates and instead refer back to the DesignSpecification:OutdoorAir flow-rates that I already set for the space-types?

I very much appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone might have. Thanks so much,


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