gbxml to inp conversion

asked 2021-01-22 17:17:20 -0600

edwinguerra's avatar

Has anyone had success in attempting this? I saw on another post here that someone recommended software from HydroQuebec to go from IDF to INP, so I tried OpenStudio to import a gbxml then export to idf, but I'm stuck there. I was unable to use SIMEB to convert to INP.

I also know green building studio used to be able to do gbxml to inp, but the Adobe flash upload no longer works.

Finally, I've seen that there appears to be other software like chvac that claims to be able to import gbxml and also export idf. It sounds like TAS-engineering may have similar functionality. Has anyone been successful in this endeavor with this or any other software? I'm primarily interested in the geometry, as it seems to be nearly impossible to model sloped anything in equest.

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