How to solve errors in VRF with DOAS Measures [closed]

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I successfully applied 2 VRF with DOAS Measures (developed by @David Goldwasser ) to my models, but both of them fail immediately after simulation start.

The first VRF with DOAS Measure has errors (you can find error file here) related to the part load ratio:

Cooling Energy Input Ratio Modifier Function of Low Part-Load Ratio Curve Name = AIR CONDITIONER VARIABLE *REFRIGERANT FLOW 1 COOLINGEIRLOWPLR has out of range value. * ~~~ * ...Curve minimum value of X = 0.500 must be <= Minimum Heat Pump Part-Load Ratio = 0.250.*

The second ZEDG VRF with DOAS Measure has a severe error (find the error file here):

[ZoneHVAC:TerminalUnit:VariableRefrigerantFlow][VRF Terminal Unit 1][maximum_outdoor_dry_bulb_temperature_for_supplemental_heater_operation] - Value type "string" for input "NaN" not permitted by 'type' constraint.

Please message me, If anybody can run these Measures successfully or had this problem before and could solve it.

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@yashar this seems very similar to your other post regarding the VRF with DOAS measure, with a new question related to using the ZEDG VRF with DOAS measure. In the future, please only make new posts for new questions (ZEDG VRF with DOAS measure, in this case) and keep discussions for an issue in one post (VRF with DOAS measure, in this case).

Aaron Boranian gravatar image Aaron Boranian  ( 2021-01-21 09:20:57 -0600 )edit