confusion about Ideal Loads Air System

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Hello everyone,I'm a new in e+ journey.I have a questions about "Ideal Loads Air System".

Now,I have get the datas about

Zone Ideal Loads Zone Total Cooling Rate

Zone Ideal Loads Outdoor Air Total Cooling Rate

and I know

Zone Ideal Loads Supply Air Total Cooling Energy + Zone Ideal Loads Heat Recovery Total Cooling Energy

Zone Ideal Loads Zone Total Cooling Energy + Zone Ideal Loads Outdoor Air Total Cooling Energy

from the Official Brochure. But, I can't get the same results when add

Zone Total Internal Convective Heating Rate + Surface Inside Face Convection Heat Gain Rate + Zone Infiltration Sensible Heat Loss/gain Energy (divided 3600)


Zone Ideal Loads Zone Sensible Cooling Rate + Zone Ideal Loads Outdoor Air Sensible Cooling Rate

So, What I don't understand is the composition about ideal loads air system, and I can't split it into sensible & latent parts.Thank you for your answers~

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