Using district heating rate as EMS sensor

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Hello, I'm running into a hiccup with using an output variable from a District Heating object as an EMS sensor. I'd like to use the District Heating Rate(or District Heating Hot Water Rate, which is identical in v9.3, which I'm using) as an EMS sensor. When I add this variable as an EMS sensor, and reference it in an EMS program, the output variable for District Heating Rate which I've added to the IDF file reports as 0, as does the DistrictHeating meter. In the EMS program, I'm using the district heating rate as an input into another calculation, and not trying to assign a value to the variable. I tried to duplicate this approach with the District Cooling Rate variable, and the same problem did not occur. I also noticed that in the RDD file, the District Heating and Cooling outputs show up as available only at a 1-hour frequency, even though the timestep of the model was 15 minutes, and the output variables were requested for the timestep frequency (and were output successfully, in the district cooling case, and for the district heating case, without the EMS sensor). Does anyone have advice on further troubleshooting of this?

Thanks very much!

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@amyeallen1 could you include the text of the EMS sensor object you've written to assign the district heat rate to? Or better yet, share your whole IDF via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.?

Aaron Boranian gravatar image Aaron Boranian  ( 2021-01-03 15:58:58 -0500 )edit