setting up resstock runs on local windows computer

asked 2020-12-22 19:40:51 -0600

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I'm trying to set up ResStock to run on my windows machine to better understand the workflow and run a few small tests, but I can't get buildstock (or anything else) to run. I am not at all proficient with all the tools and environments required to run this, so forgive any obvious errors.

here are what I've tried

1) I Download Docker Desktop Community

2) I ensured that python was installed by typing 'python' into PowerShell, which showed me I had v3.9

3) I downloaded the ResStock files from:

4) I downloaded the BuildStockBatch files form:

5) I went to the directory where I had saved C:\buildstockbatch-develop and entered "pip install -e ." this at first looked promising but ended with an error, some research on the error made me think that I needed to change my containers in docker to Linux (I have zero idea what this actually means, but did not seem promising for a windows install) which I did. After which I again entered "pip install -e ." and a bunch of stuff seemed to happen, things were downloaded, status bars were statusing, it was all very exciting

6) unfortunately, when I enter "buildstock_docker --help" in PowerShell I get an error that the term is not recognized

anyhow, any thoughts on where I’ve gone wrong would be great.

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