differing node names and node connection errors

asked 2020-11-26 06:37:27 -0600

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I tried to model a floorcooling and -heating system in OpenStudio. I modelled this system in three plant loops, the first plant loop includes a circulation pump, GroundHeatExchanger and setpointmanager at the supply side. At the demand side of the first loop is a heatpump for cooling and a heatpump for heating. The other two loops are connected with one of these heatpumps, also have en circulation pump and setpointmanager. The demand sides of these loops consists of low temperature radiant variable flow for heating or cooling. During the simulation I get stuck with two errors.

The first error is "Same component name and type has differing Node Names". This error shows up for every heat pump and low temperature radiant variable flow because they're in several loops. I tried to give these nodes the same name, but if I run the simulation again the same error shows up with different names.

The second error is "Inlet node did not find an appropiate matching "outlet" node." What does this mean?

Thank you in advance!

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