Could someone help us with our thermodinamics project using Openstudio ?

asked 2020-11-04 05:56:22 -0600

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updated 2020-11-04 09:48:08 -0600

Hi! we are 4 students from the University of the Basque Counntry and we need help with our thermodinamics proyect. We are creating a model of a classroom using openstudio as an interface between Sketchup and Energy Plus. When simulating we find a file with lots of tables and errors because the geometry of the proyect is not interpreted by the program. Our professor has recomended us to start by editing an existing file so as we can see how the program work and get used to it. Could anyone send us a file similar to the one we need? A rectangular room with windows in one wall. We would appreciate any help in both spanish or english. Thank you for your attention.

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You could download and run the DOE prototype measure and choose small office. You can also download SampleModel.osm from the OpenStudio repository.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2020-11-05 22:48:17 -0600 )edit

Ok! Thanks a lot David Goldwasser. How can we download and open the code of SampleModel.osm using Openstudio??

Thermodinamics's avatar Thermodinamics  ( 2020-11-11 11:41:17 -0600 )edit

From the link in my post, click the raw button. Then save the file as example_model.osm. Then you just need to hook up a weather file and you can run it.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2020-11-11 13:55:54 -0600 )edit