Incorporating supplemental capacity into capital cost of equipment

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Using ResStock to simulate heat pumps in Maine and Georgia.

I am trying to estimate the capital costs of equipment, and am concerned if I need to incorporate the simulation_output_report.hvac_heating_supp_capacity_w field into the capital cost calculation.

So far, our method, using the NREL database is to take the average cooling capacity over 100 buildings, in kbtu/hr, and multiply by cost factors derived from the NREL database, summing with $/unit factors to obtain overall cost.

C:\fakepath\Capital Cost Factors.JPG

If equipment NOT MSHP, and cooling capacity = y [kbtu/hr], the average capital cost is calculated as [dollar/kbtu/hr]*y + [dollar/unit] to obtain total cost.

If the equipment is MSHP, then we follow the same methodology to calculate the capital cost, except multiplying the dollar/unit variable by the # of bedrooms + 1 to account for multiple indoor heads for the equipment.

Do I need to account for the supplemental heating capacity anywhere to obtain an appropriate estimate for the capital cost? Is this value already incorporated into the $/unit amount?

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