Cooling tower in the simulation of the proposed model for LEED ID + C certification

asked 2020-10-28 09:36:22 -0500

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Hi! I am in doubt about the simulation of the proposed model for LEED V4 ID + C: Retail. I'm certifying a restaurant inside the mall. The restaurant's air conditioning system will be Fancoil, as the mall has a cooling tower provided for all stores. The area to be certified is only the restaurant, in which case should I consider the consumption of the cooling tower in the proposed model?

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Yes, the ID+C reference guide explicitly talks about two methods (page#137 ID+C) of accounting Base building HVAC contribution in such scenarios. Also, "the HVAC system for the baseline model must be selected based on requirements in ASHRAE 90.1–2010, Section G3.1.1. The system selected will depend on the base building type, size, and heat source" as prescribed under ID+C reference guide. Hope this helps!

Javed gravatar image Javed  ( 2020-10-29 01:59:33 -0500 )edit

Thank you for your help. Using one of the options on page 137 of the ID+C guide I would need to have some information about the cooling tower to estimate the percentage of consumption of the area that will be certified. It happens that I do not have this information, only the restaurant's air conditioning system that will be certified. Do you know if there are any exceptions in LEED ID+C for when you don't have information about the equipment that is outside the limit of the certified area?

Nathalia gravatar image Nathalia  ( 2020-10-29 11:55:16 -0500 )edit

I am afraid I don't have explicit answer for this. However, submitting a CIR or some search on LEEDuser might help you in regard. The following link is one of the example.

link text.

Hope this helps!

Javed gravatar image Javed  ( 2020-10-29 12:53:37 -0500 )edit