Using the python plugin for EnergyPlus, not seeing the impact of the plugin on the results

asked 2020-10-25 21:47:36 -0500

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updated 2020-11-05 09:02:40 -0500

I am currently running the python plugin examples of the energyplus 9.4 and using the command line script as below. I am running the ThermochromicWindow example

energyplus -w C:/EnergyPlusV9-4-0/WeatherData/USA_IL_Chicago-OHare.Intl.AP.725300_TMY3.epw -d C:/Users/Sajit/Desktop/Sajiths/Research/Python/Run_outputs -r C:/Users/Sajit/Desktop/Sajiths/Research/Python/EMS_via_EP/Examples/Window_control/PythonPluginThermochromicWindow.idf

I tried to change the python script and run another case to make sure there is the impact of the python plugin on the energyplus. But I do get the same results. (For instance, I am outputting the window exterior and interior surface temperature). My doubt is that although energyplus runs the plugin is not contributing.

Appreciate any feedback on this matter. Kind regards,

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